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Ed's Chicago Slidesaver for OS X. Version 1.0

About This Series:
Ed's Chicago Slidesaver is the first in a series of 3 Chicago screen savers, each featuring 20 photos from the work of a different photographer. This series was set up for the sole purpose of assisting the widow and children of a former coworker, Sam Martin, who died of cancer, January 15, 2005. It is a labor of love.

About This Screen Saver:
In Ed's Chicago, the photographs have been left virtually untouched, down to the unique black-framed edges, to enhance the full nostalgic flavor of Ed's work.

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  • To install, double-click on the screen saver file, or simply drag it to your preferred Screen Saver folder.

  • Payment:

    This Screen Saver is SHAREWARE — a link has been provided for making your $2.50 Shareware payment. A Kagi account has been set up in Helen Martin's name, and turned over to her. Please give as you feel led.

    I owe a debt of gratitude to Julie Johnston and Maryanne Morrison for assisting me with this project, and for generously donating photographs, for which they hold the copyrights. Their pictures are used with permission. If you have any questions about the screen saver itself or suggestions, feel free to email me.

    In memory of Sam Martin:
    Helen Martin and children ~ Gabrielle, 16; Stephen, 15; Joanna, 13; and Michelle, 11

    Mr. Gavin Anderson
    Graphic Designer - Prepress
    A S Hospitality
    formerly of IBLP
    Oak Brook, IL
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    About Ed:
    Edward Dossey Dodson was an engineer who spent his career at Allis-Chalmers, the Harvey plant. It was through them that he first got involved with the Chicago Area Camera Club Association (CACCA) from whom he won a lifetime achievement award in 1974 and for whom he eventually served as President and Vice President. After retiring from Allis-Chalmers, Ed dived into photography full-time and even taught photography at one of the local community colleges. Ed and his wife Florence traveled all over the United States and Mexico visiting friends and family and taking pictures. Ed always asked Florence to wear a red pant suit or sweater, for a spot of color in the composition. Many of his photos won awards and were featured in local newspapers and other publications. Ed inspired devotion and loyalty from his students and inducted many unsuspecting individuals into the world of photography. He died in 1982, leaving his wife and several cousins. Ed's love of beauty, balance, and visual power, both natural and man made, fueled his desire to photograph the world. His unique style creates compositions soaked with the miraculous nature of life, history, and personality.

    ~ Julie Johnston, 2005
    © 2005 Julie Johnston, photos used with permission